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  • The application of roots pump
    The application of roots pump Roots pump from foreign production situation, several large foreign companies, such as Leybold, Balzers, Alcatell, Edwards and ULVAC, they each share of global sales of Roots pump Roots pump sales ratio of no more than 5% this five total only 20%, Roots pump ou...

  • The main two factors of vacuum pump
    The main two factors of vacuum pump Traffic and what the appropriate degree of vacuum pumps are two major factors that choice, let's take a look: First, the flow: the size of the decision the product, the higher flow requirements, the product is relatively greater volume required will al...

  • Vacuum pumps bring up a farming revolution
    Vacuum pumps, invented hundres of years ago, back again to the 1600's, have, of course, been improved over the many years for many new uses, however the idea is basically the same, to produce a vacuum, so there can be a void close to fluid or gas and that fluid or gas will rush in to the void ...

  • Arc Evaporation Technology Today
    What is arc evaporation? One form of physical vapor deposition (PVD coating) is arc evaporation. The history of PVD coating started using arc technology, which has its origin in arc welding.      Targets  The metal to be evaporated is placed as solid b...