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  • Vacuum and negative pressure
    Vacuum and negative pressure Relationship between the vacuum and negative pressure, the vacuum is a negative pressure it? Refers to a negative pressure vacuum it? Let's understand the concept of a vacuum and negative pressure: Negative: Simply put, the negative pressure is lower than atm...

  • Vacuum coating equipment coating surface treatment
    Vacuum coating equipment coating surface treatment In recent years, the development of new coating surface treatment combines permeable, stable, transformed characteristics, while the structure has been further improved, such as the use of ketimines as latent curing agents, coatings to ...

  • Vacuum Furnaces,VAR Furnace
    Shanghai Gehang Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd.  designs, engineers, and builds a wide range of advanced vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace technologies for the processing of metals, specialty alloys, and engineered materials. - Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) , Electroslag Remelting (ES...

  • vacuum hot-pressing furnace rules
    vacuum hot-pressing furnace rules 1. Turn on the water cycle and standby water, cooling water is detected eight hot stove is smooth. 2. Turn the power switch on, and open the control panel total power on. 3. Start the mechanical pump and diffusion pump, check the diffusion pump curren...