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  • Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing
      Low-Pressure Vacuum Carburizing     Low-pressure vacuum carburizing , atechnology developed in the mid 1990’s, has helped revolutionize the heattreating industry, primarily because of its capability for precise processcontrol. Tight control enables a...

  • Vacuum Coating Machine Application Field
        Vacuum Caoating scope of application: 1. Building hardware, sanitary hardware (water tap). The door. The door shake handshandle. Sanitary ware, hardware hinges, furniture, etc. 2. Watchmaking: can be used for watchcase. Strap coating, crystal products. 3. Other ...

  • liquid ring vacuum pump use and maintenance
    First, the device unit 1, the vacuum pump means: Vacuum pumps and compressors when the device, the device surface level is necessary, and after the corner bolt hole strong unit. To prevent debris from entering the vacuum pump when the device, when the device should be in the intake pipe...

  • The electric control cabinet operation steps of winding vacuum coating equipments
    Step 1. Open water pump , air source Step 2. Open the general power supply Step 3. Turn on the holding vacuum pump, vacuum gauge power supply, vacuum gauge V1 position, wait for its value is less than 10, then move forward to the next operation. It takes about 5 minutes. Step 4. Open mechan...