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  • Automotive coating Ten brand list(二)
    Automotive coating Ten brand list(二) The most popular car brand ranking No.3 coating Aru hair Aru hair is Japan Co., a subsidiary of US-installed high-end car care brand, to enter the Chinese market in 2005, by virtue of its good reputation and stable product quality, the majority of own...

  • Vacuum Valve Broad Industry Outlook
        In the four forces of industrialization, urbanization, and globalization driven reform, China's outlook is still wide, the future of high-end valve industry, localization, modernization, will be the main direction of the future development of the vacuum valve industry. ...

  • 800°F, 840°F, 450°C — Which temperature defines brazing?
    Over the years, several different temperatures have been used to define the concept of brazing. When the American Welding Society (AWS) published its first Brazing manual back in 1955, brazing was officially defined using 800F as the liquidus temperature of a brazing filler metal (BFM), above ...

  • Vacuum Metallurgy Development Direction
      1.Certain specific process of metallurgical which is suitable vacuum metallurgy technology can be used in place of vacuum metallurgy technology.   2.Development of a new vacuum metallurgical equipment.   3.The new method,new equipment and new processes of vacuum meta...