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  • Sewage Pump Continuous Positive Business Development
       Since 2004, the average annual growth rate of the pump industry remained at around 20%. During the second five, China's urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities planning investment of nearly 430 billion yuan. Among them, 427.1 billion yuan investment in the construction of ...

  • Why Vacuum Carburizing
    Why Vacuum Carburizing Is in Demand. Only low pressure vacuum carburizing allows the end user to dial in settings for case depth, carbon profiles, surface/core hardness and case/core microstructure. With Low pressure carburizing it makes it very easy to predict distortion results ...

  • Tool&Die Ion Coater
     This sort of coater is designed for hard and super hard protective coatings on tools, cutter and mould. The vacuum sealing of chamber and the interior design and material of moving parts are under consideration of high-temperature bear, assembling high efficiency roundness arc evaporatio...

  • How to deal with SK series water ring vacuum pump pollution
    SK series liquid ring vacuum pump inexpensive, simple operation, easy maintenance, can extract corrosive, flammable gas, but also dust extraction, water gas, it is widely used in food, machinery, petroleum, ceramics , chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar refining, metallurgy, printing and dye...