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  • Multi-arc ion coating machine for super hard film coating
    Taking use of multi arc ion coating technology can do coating film on metal,alloy,and electrically conductive material(substantially non-conductive material) (using high-frequency bias). Multi-arc Ion plating film can be deposited by metal film, multi-alloy film, compound film; Can be si...

  • Process Technology and Process Characteristics of Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) 1
    VAR is widely used to improve the cleanliness and refine the structure of standard air melted or vacuum inductionmelted ingots, then called consumable electrodes. VAR steels and super alloys as well as titanium and zirconium and its alloys are used in a great number of high integrity applica...

  • Heat treatment on metals (2)
    Heat treatment on metals (2)     nnealing Main article:Annealing (metallurgy) Annealing is atechnique used to recover cold work and relax stresses within a metal.Annealing typically results in a soft, ductile metal. When an annealed part isallowed to cool in...

  • What constitutes a vacuum furnace
    Vacuum furnace generally consists of furnace, electric devices, sealed furnace shell, vacuum system, power supply system and temperature control systems and other components. Sealing furnace shell welded carbon steel or stainless steel, removable parts for sealing joints vacuum sealing mat...