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  • Vacuum decoration coating machines and vacuum mirrors machines
    Vacuum decoration coating machines and vacuum mirrors machines Vacu​um decorative coating, generally refers to using the method of vacuum coating on metal and nonmetal surface metallization and color processing, make its have all sorts of color of metallic luster.Vacuum plating a...

  • Vacuum plasma cleaning machine to increase the adhesion force of coating film
    How to enhance the vacuum coating film adhesion force We can take vacuum plasma cleaning machine. This equipment take use of gas molecules in a vacuum, discharge to generate special material. plasma cleaning/etching to produce plasma device is in an sealing chamber set two electrodes...

  • What is A Rotary Vane Pump
    Rotary vane pumps are used in a variety of industries by both large and small manufacturers and by individual designers and craftsmen. They are play a role in production of materials and the handling of materials at every stage from the formation of raw materials to the handling and packaging ...

  • Vacuum Brazing Furnace Work Process
    Vacuum brazing furnace work process   In the vacuum brazing furnace parts cleaning process, the cleaning solvent recycling process: boiling tank - vapor layer - condensate - water liquid separator - the inflow rinsing tank - overflow into the ultrasonic bath - hot dip tank ...